Kids Fitness Equipment

Kids Fitness Equipment

Exercise Equipment for Kids

Our equipment provides dual-concentric range of motion meaning that it works 2 opposing muscle groups at the same time! For instance, the Chest Bench Press and the Back Row are ONE machine! Biceps and Triceps are ONE machine! Leg Extension and Leg Curl are ONE machine! Our competitors are offering EACH machine that can only exercise one muscle group at a time for hundreds more than ONE of OURS!

How? By not buying it! Kid's should get their cardiovascular exercise the good old fashioned way... by playing with other kids! They shouldn't be cooped up in the gym doing a boring, repetitive motion like a treadmill or stationary bike. They need to move around and be entertained and have fun socializing to keep up their motivation to exercise! So how can kids play with other kids and still get a great workout?

FIT for KidsFIT for Kids Workout Program!The FIT for Kids workout program! The Fit Express Kid's Circuit offers BOTH FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH TRAINING AND CARDIOVASCULAR BENEFITS!!! That's right, we said BOTH! The continuous, no strain, fluid movement of the hydraulic equipment along with it's easy-to-use controls, multiple muscle group exercise, and simple design make it quick and easy to jump from machine to machine. This means it's a perfect fun and safe way for a group of kids to workout together! Our hydraulic fitness equipment for kids is the optimal solution for a fun way to let kids play together while also giving them both cardio and functional strength training!

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Exercise Equipment for Kids

Fitness Equipment for KidsYounger children shouldn't lift actual weights until their bone plates and skeletal structure have matured according to Dr. Andrew Gregory, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University. "These growth plates, one on each end of the bone, are weaker than the tendons that connect them to muscles, and too much pressure can cause them to fracture," says Dr. Gregory. The age of skeletal maturity varies, but in girls it usually occurs between ages 14 and 16, and in boys it usually occurs between 16 and 18.


Our kids hydraulic fitness equipment consists of ONLY concentric resistance allowing a child to safely and effectively exercise within their personal comfortable and capable range of motion. With our natural fluid resistance there is no extreme weight load, no eccentric lifting, and no strain on muscle or joints.


Many of our competitors are selling fitness equipment for kids that is just "minature" versions of adult equipment with heavy weight bearing loads that, in addition to potentially damaging their growth plates, are also dangerous and unsafe for children to use! Much of the equipment available actually uses the child's own bodyweight as resistance—so the kid is actually lifting themselves UP IN THE AIR! How safe can that be? In addition their equipment is not user-friendly, exercises only one muscle group at a time, takes up a lot more space, and costs more than twice what our equipment does.

Designed specifically for pre-teens and teens:

  • Designed to accommodate children 4' to 5'9"
  • Adjustable cylinders with 9 settings of resistance
  • Wheels for easy positioning of equipment
  • Adjustable Seats on most models
  • Adjustable Footplates on most models
  • The frame and upholstery colors are completely customizable!
    We can even brand your equipment with your own logo and custom color combinations.
  • Custom Fitness Equipment Upholstery

Our Customers:

  • YMCA
  • Children's Health Centers
  • Recreation Centers
  • Children's Hospitals
  • Kid's Special Needs Facilities
  • Private and Public Elementary and Middle Schools
  • Physical Therapy Facilities


Our durable equipment is built with sheet metal panels, highly engineered pistons, high-quality vinyl, and industrial grade bearings. We stand behind our equipment with our industry-leading warranty.

  • Frames 10 Years
  • Upholstery 120 days
  • Cylinders 2 Years

Keeping kids active:

FIT for KidsFIT for Kids Workout Program! - It's simple to do and very easy for you to customize often! Motivating kids to exercise can be a challenge. Putting them on the wrong fitness equipment will ensure failure. Kid's are more successful at exercise if they have fun doing it and the exercise is gentle yet challenging enough to the body. Traumatic weight-based exercise equipment that requires complicated adjustments and strict supervision prohibit children from getting in the flow. The solution is to fill your kids fitness gym with high quality hydraulic children's exercise equipment from Fit Express. Our equipment is very versatile letting kids create their own workout! A professional trainer, or even you can easily make up new and exciting ways to change the workouts but the actually machine itself is controlled by the kid. This way they can push themselves as hard as they want and have their own preference if it feels more like a faster-paced cardio or more like a muscle-building workout. There's no heavy weight plates, controls, or seating adjustments so the kids aren't having to feel intimidated to do what anyone else is doing. They just push themselves to the capability that they can and none of the other kids will know any better! The exercise is fun, safe, non-intimidating, non-competitive, and allows for very easy supervision.

The FIT™ for Kids Fluid Interval Circuit Training program is a versatile exercise program developed by Fit Express that is fun and sociable and provides cardiovascular and strength training benefits. With the right mix of motivational tools and age-appropriate fitness equipment and programs you can expect remarkable results. View our Kid's Equipment, download our FIT for Kids brochure or:

Exercise Equipment for Kids
Fit Express Hydraulic Exercise Equipment
Kids Exercise Equipment


“We’re happy to be here. We come here early every morning. We love the machines. They just take care of every part of your body and we have our energy for the day.”

- Mollie Badeaux

“I love it! The water machines, I find a little more you have to do. I find a†completely different feel from what the old machines were. I think itís fantastic. I canít wait to get back in†there.”

- Barbara Reysick

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