Hydraulic Fitness Equipment Overview

Fit Express' Hydraulic Fitness Equipment was designed originally from the outset to meet the needs of people who find conventional commercial fitness equipment either unappealing or intimidating. This led to a line of fluid resistance machines that fully accommodate any user no matter what their preference or ailment. The only requirement is the ability to sit/stand, walk, push and pull. Unlike most resistance machines that work against the user, our fluid machines work ‘with the user' providing resistance only when they move the exercise arm. Since then, our equipment has evolved into an exercise modality that meets the needs and demands of all kinds of people—from the elderly to the physically fit! Our Hydraulic Fitness Equipment used alongside our custom workouts are truly a unique exercise experience that should be accommodated into everyone's workout routine no matter who you are!

Since 1998, we've designed over 8 different hydraulic exercise equipment lines that have each progressively built upon the strengths of previous models and by the recommendations of our users. In 2012 we decided to condense our exercise equipment lines down to our primary 2 lines:

  1. Our Kids Line, (click to view) which is just a smaller version of our old Club Line designed for use by pre-teens.
  2. Our Signature Series, (click to view) which is our newest and most advanced line. Evolving to use sheet panels to cover the "insides", an even sturdier frame and parts, and hand grips to allow for multiple hand positioning, but that's not all... Traditional hydraulic resistance exercise equipment all over the world, some of our older lines, as well as ALL of our competitor's products, allows for ONLY 1 setting... In our Signature Series we've now raised the bar to 6 SETTINGS in EACH DIRECTION! Easy-to-reach so you can customize your workout effortlessly from tough resistance to fast-paced speed cardio quickly before and even throughout your set. Building off of all of the great reasons to use the hydraulic resistance, this brings an entirely new level of capabilities for people to customize their workouts!

    OUR Custom One-of-a-Kind Variable Resistance this goes beyond just being better than any hydraulic equipment on the market—it is truly breaking ground and setting a new precedent as a new fitness modality!

Our Current Lines:

Signature Series
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Kids Line
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Hydraulic Exercise Equipment Signature Series
Hydraulic Execise Equipment Kids Line
Our most sleek and innovative
design launched late 2010
Our pre-teen line designed for
children 4' to 5'9 tall.

The Evolution of a Fit Express Exercise Machine:

Hydraulic Fitness EquipmentInception: Every hydraulic machine we build begins from a safety and biomechanical perspective. After functionality is achieved, aesthetics and cost are closely evaluated until we achieve the proper ratio.

Resistance: Dual fluid cells provide resistance to alternating muscle groups on each side of the involved joint. Resistance is adjusted with two push/pull controllers and fine tuned by the speed of movement. This permits the user to define their goals and receive cardio or strength benefits simultaneously.

Style: In keeping with our innovative style, several years ago we came out with a revolutionary frame design using sheet metal panels in parallel. This method offers tremendous racking strength and provides the ability to ‘hide’ the mechanics of the machines inside for safety and appearance. The laser cutting technology also permitted an aesthetically pleasing, fluid design cut into the panels.

Durability: To assure equipment longevity, industrial grade bearings are used in high stress areas. High-quality vinyl is double stitched and zippered thus allowing change out by the customer when desired.

Key Benefits of Our Hydraulic Fitness Equipment:

  • Combined cardio and strength in one package
  • Requires less space and lower cost than conventional gym equipment
  • User-friendly and Age-friendly Equipment - Safest available and the easiest on joints
  • No eccentric load nearly eliminating DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)
  • Minimal supervision - incredibly safe and simple to use
  • Machines accommodate any level of fitness making it the perfect tool for group training
  • Completely customizable for your facility - choose from many frame and upholstery colors
  • Custom Fitness Equipment Upholstery
  • Affordable - Save tens of thousands in franchise and royalty fees compared to Curves®
  • Low maintenance and the best warranty in the industry

FitExpress® Fluid Dynamics Resistance Technology

Fluid Dynamics - Hydraulic Gym EquipmentFitExpress® Fluid Dynamics Resistance Technology is arguably the most versatile and adaptive form of resistance ever created for commercial exercise equipment. Among the companies now offering their own form of fluid resistance none compare to the advanced fluid dynamics at work inside of our highly engineered pistons. Pushing and pulling fluid through our cylinders can best be likened to swimming. The harder you push and pull, the more resistance is created. When you stop, it stops, so no risk of injuries through over-extension of any muscle group.

In addition to the natural variable resistance you create by moving faster as in swimming, FIT™ Fluid Dynamic Pistons offer five different settings that you can select quickly and easily. They enable exercise providers to have an extra range of training options at hand. It’s natural. It’s easy. It works to complement the way your body works while pushing you to even greater performance levels. The first fact driving the power behind fluid resistance technology is that you lose all of your own previous fitness resistance factors.

Fluid Dynamics - Hydraulic Gym Equipment

You never get lost figuring out the equipment. Instead, as “smart” equipment, it adjusts to you. Initially, the re-orientation from traditional high stress, injury prone workouts to a more natural fluid resistance is a surprise…and then a welcomed change. Fit Express' hydraulic exercise equipment is user-friendly and age-friendly for all ages.

This is the total integration of “smart” equipment—
convenience, unprecedented comfort, a fun social support network, and results. You quickly surrender your own inhibitions toward the equipment to a newly found comfort in what can can be accomplished with consistent effort. Fluid Dynamics are the force behind our resistance technology. The natural movement and sensation of fluid resistance technology reaffirms you are applying a physiologically sound fitness system to complement your own body system. The result is our innovative, extremely versatile, and industry-leading Hydraulic Exercise Equipment.

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For more information about using our hydraulic fitness equipment and our custom workout called Fluid Interval Training check out these links:

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Customer Testimonials

“I love the class and the new machines are wonderful.  I started this class about six years ago after I had rehab for a broken ankle with about six or seven screws still in place.  Just a couple of years after I started this class my husband and I won a jitterbug contest. So that just goes to show you what a great class it is and how many different movements you can make with these machines…they’re fabulous.”

- Freda Baine

“My name’s Bob Case. My wife’s been a member here for 15 years or so and I resisted for 12 years and three years ago I joined… and she created a monster because I come regularly. And so it’s helped me a bunch.”

(Question: What about fluid resistance machines?)

“I found the new equipment to be very smooth; cooling and relaxing in that I love water and to be exercising and doing some good in that respect really was comforting…makes it have a rhythm to it which I really find pleasant. So I’ll be using those three or four times a week.”

(Question: Did you feel safe on the machines?)

“I found this new equipment to be very soothing and relaxing and safe. The sound of the water is refreshing and encourages you to enjoy your workout.”

- Bob Case

“Hi, my name is Janice and I started using the FIT Express Program in October and I have just come leaps and bounds. I ary was able to accomplish a great goal this past Februwhen I was able to climb Fort Hill at the Vicksburg Military Park. And it’s because of the strengthening in my arms and legs with the FIT Express Program and all the wonderful fluid machines they have. As much work as you can do at home and in the yard, until you come here and actually use the machines to exercise those specific muscles, you’ll never get to where you need to go. I strongly recommend it to anyone. I got from where I was to where I am now. Unbelievable. Thank you.”

- Janice Layne

“I just love this class. I’ve been coming for a year-and-a-half. And it’s a fluid machine class and the new equipment is beautiful… and today I’m going to play tennis and I’m going to miss this wonderful class. I’ll make up for it on Wednesday. I love Cindy. She’s been a great instructor. Thanks.”

- Mary Cravetta

“My husband and I started with Fitness Express about a year ago and we’ve both been on kind of a nutrition diet to lose weight. And it has helped the inches fall off. And all of the different machines work so well and… goes right along with fitness training, like losing weight and doing us a lot of good and we really like it.”

- Helen Trausdale

“My name is Jo Ann Alkire and I’ve been with the program for many, many years. When I first started this program I weighed 210 pounds and now I weigh 110 pounds. And I owe this all to Kevin and Cindy Cavaretta because they inspired me and kept me moving and I’m very pleased and I’m going to continue with them as long as I’m able to.”

- Jo Ann Alkire

“I’m 81 years of age and during the last five years I’ve been exercising with the fluid machines and I find them to help me tremendously. I have been detected as having Parkinson’s Disease and I have indicated to the doctors and others that have an early-formed disease that the exercises that I am attending to three times a week cause me to have greater balance, cause me to have greater strength. At one time I was considered  to be one of the great fallers in our community because I would fall so often. Today, with my continuing attendance I find that all of that has been relieved and I attribute to the machines and the exercise that I’m involved in every week. Thank you.”

- Harry Layne

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