Body Crunch Ab Machine

Ab Machine Hydraulic Resistance

Delivering the best isolation of any available ab machine with the best overall safety profile. The Body Crunch resistance system allows for entirely new populations like seniors and youths the benefits of training the abdominals for the first time without risk of injury to the low back and neck. Our hydraulic resistance eliminates the need for weight plates and makes it very easy to use.

The core isolator: The Body Crunch technology provides beginners with a safe "assisted" crunch movement; the unit patented resistance can reduce up to 20% of the user's body weight. The unit Variable Load Resistance can provide up to 50 lbs of resistance to more advanced athletes.

Isolation - The Body Crunch can isolate the entire abdominal region through dual-converging resistance (patented). While the user's head and low back is supported.

Adjustability - The unit's footrest and handles are adjustable for body sizes from 4'10 to 6'8 in height (patented).

Guided path of motion - for an abbreviated "crunch" as recommended by top professionals including the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Ease of use - Beginners can do partial sit-ups or crunches due to the "assisted" movement of the Body Crunch (the unit's VLR technology can reduce up to 20% of a user's body weight during the crunch movement)

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