On October 12th, 2014, AMR – Arrowhead Medical Resources purchased Fit Express LLC and renamed Fit Express “Signature Series”, as “PhysioFit™”, AMR’s Hydraulic Strength Equipment.

AMR’s President and CEO Dave Lutz Stated:

“We (AMR) are extremely excited about the future of PhysioFit™ and will continue to develop opportunities within existing Fit Express markets, while at the same time creating new Senior Active Aging and Rehabilitation opportunities which is our market space.”

He stated, “Our goal is to continue on with the great work that Dave Chapman, President of Fit Express has done through developing high quality hydraulic equipment for his customers over the past 15 years.”

“AMR wants to assure Fit Express customers as well as our own customers that nothing but exemplary customer care and products will be experienced when working with AMR today and in the future. Our goal moving forward is retain existing customers, attract new customers and grow all markets utilizing our patented technology ‘FlexTech®’ alongside PhysioFit™”.

A letter from Dave Chapman, President of Fit Express

As of November 1st 2014, AMR will be at full manufacturing capacity, and will be looking to fill orders.

For more information and pricing contact:
Arrowhead Medical Resources

Phone: 888-932-0016
Fax: 218-328-0015
Email: info@arrowheadmed.com